Live Life by J.A.S

{November 11, 2008}   trip to CANIBAD.


My brother told me that his friend inviting everyone who like to join a 2 day trip in SAMAL ISLAND. Since my friends and i had a plan to go to CANIVAD, I asked them that what if we joined the trip, besides the cost of going there and joining the trip was the same and not only that in the registration we can have a souvenir like t-shirt,pouch and bag sack. After a few conversation with them my friends decided to join but only me and MIAH who pursue the plan.

Last July 05 – 06, Me and my friend MIAH, We start our trip early morning of July 05 from Sta. ANA port (we ride a buss) going to SAMAL ISLAND, and from there we start our journey to see the Puting Bato, discovered by other group of mountaineers. It is one of the highest peak of the Island, we walked and climbed for almost 7 hours to reach the beautiful white sand beach of CANIVAD. And we stay there for the whole night at enjoy the beach and other group of climbers.

We had a wonderful experience there, we meet other climbers who come with us and help us in our trek because were just the two of us (my brother didn’t come with us because he said he will just follow and we will only meet when we get in CANIVAD.) At middle of our trek the trail we are following was lost but we didn’t recognize it until we reach the shore. Luckily, we found out that were not the only group who get into that place, then we follow that sign and finally we get to CANIBAD.




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